Dedicated Business Apps

Android or iOS apps, working both connected or disconnected, extranets for clients, providers or partners: the right app with the right data and the right functionnalities make the difference. For over 20 years we've been designing and developping your dedicated business apps.

Dedicated business apps development (Android and iOS)

Follow the status of goft boxes throughout the world all along their lifecycle, activate them, validate them, redeem them... Give to sales reps on the field access to all their clients' accounts to order and manage the relationship. Allow innovation temas spread all over the world to share information on innovative start-ups...

These are some of our realizations. Because your company's businesses and organization are specific, several IT systems are already in place to manage given data sets. We are experts at creating applications that will exploit these data sets to the fullest, enrich them, without ever replicating them.

Our teams have both the strategic vision of your businesses and processes and a deep understanding of data and the needed interfaces to exploit them.

ERP, CRM, PIM, TPM... Integrating your business apps with all other IT systems

APIs, microservices, connected mode, disconnected mode: beyond the user interface, the data quality and accuracy creates the succes of a dedicated business app.

Exposing the correct data to the correct people at the right time with a perfect UX is Tilbury's DNA.

"I thought it would be just another vaguely useless gadget with little added value to the CRM. It is now my main app ont he field!"

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