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Understanding our client's business is key to develop eCommerce websites and apps. Too often, agencies do not understand it and believe a price and a product are enough. Tilbury's experts know better, both in business and data's understanding.

B2B eCommerce websites and webapps

Our job: give life to your B2B eCommerce. And as we say, you don't do B2B eCommerce with a plug-in. Since 1998, our teams from strategy consultancies are expert to understand your business, your clients, your products, your pricing and the IT systems that manage them.

Price! What price? A SKU does not have one signle price but as many prices as clients and more often than not, several prices per clients depending of rebates, ordered volumes, etc.

Product! What's a product? A SKU is sometimes not even the correct granularity to define a product. Some product can get a SKU only after it has been ordered and yet, it needs a price. "B2B eCommerce is sometimes quantum physics!"

Orders Workflow. Managing quotations workflows, validations, orders, differences that time creates. Logistics and invoicing are far more crucial than in B2C, especially when interfacing your IT with your client's. And your client wants to have all its contractual documentation in real time.

« Our web agency is great but unable to manage the technical aspects and the interfacing with SAP. It's not its job. This is Tilbury's. And they are exceptionnally good at it. »

eCommerce B2B API

B2B omnichannel specificities. The website is linked to the sales reps to manage their performance and incentives. It is linked to brick & mortar sales outlets, your ow, your franchisees, your retailers. And public markets are a world of their own.

IT Systems' Architecture for eCommerce

Tilbury advises you on the IT architecture for your global eCommerce. Microservices and APIs are key so that the correct data be exposed in real time, securely and in an optimized way on all sites and apps that need it.

ERP and CRM integration for your B2B eCommerce sites and apps

Your eCommerce site or app is not isolated. Quite the other way round, it is strongly interconnected in your IT ecosystem. It communicates with the ERP for prices, with the CRM for clients data. And it is interfaced with a lot of other IT systems that are specific to your business. Products info from the PIM, promotions from the TPM, delivery information from your logisticians, your providers' stock data from their own systems, POS data, weather data, bank informations, etc.

Tilbury is specialized in interfacing and APIs so that your eCommerce delivers the maximum added value to your customers and your teams. Moreover, our projects always help to strongly imrove your data's quality! So, let's get in touch!

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